Hydromulching or Hydroseeding is a great alternative¬†to sod. It is a mixture of high-quality grass seed, fertilizer, water, and mulch. This is a fast and economical way to plant grass seed. Hydromulching helps the seed sprout and grow faster, while also keeping the birds from eating the seeds. In most cases, the seed will sprout in 7 to 10 days and the grass will need it’s first cut in 4 to 6 weeks.

Every hydromulch mix we offer all contain the same blend of high-quality grass seed. The additives is what will enhance the germination, results and overall long term health of your new lawn.

The Simple Green Mix is our standard hydromulch mix that includes the necessary products that make up a premium hydromulch. Additional additives may be added to this mix to help with germination and overall results. Our specialty mixes include different additives to help with germination and results.

Always Green Mix is our best selling hydromulch mixture. It contains some of the best additives to get your lawn off to a great start. Some areas may require additional additives depending on the individual circumstances. We can help you choose the right mix that is best for your property. Request a quote and we will help you determine which is the best product for your project.

Solu-Cal Lime

Improves soil structure, stimulates root and leaf development, regulates soil pH, strengthens cell
walls, promotes better germination and stand development.


Produce a stronger and deeper root mass. Nitrozyme is a plant stress reliever which enhances turf
growth, development, and durability. Proven to increase plant yield, drought tolerance and
resistance to disease.

Weed Control

Effectively and safely reduce weed competition for a full month while your new lawn is
establishing. Control crabgrass, nutsedge and broadleaf weeds at establishment. Reducing
weed competition will greatly improve turf density and overall quality of the turf stand.

Moisture Retainer

A plant watering aid used to reduce or eliminate stress caused by a lack of moisture. AquaGel is a
polymer that is able to store water up to 400% its own size and weight. Once AquaGel releases its
stored moisture to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation.

Insect Control

Protect your investment and avoid lawn damage before it is too late. Acelepryn is the most effective product available for season-long grub control while also being gentle on the environment.

Fungus Control

During periods of hot humid weather your seed or newly germinated grass may be more susceptible
to Damping Off and Pythium Blight. Subdue Maxx may be used at time of seeding to help prevent
this occurrence. Follow up applications are recommended if conditions persist.