Fencing Services

Complete Fence Construction, Restoration, Staining, and Repair

Bravo Fencing in Lubbock, a division of Bravo Xteriors, offers unparalleled quality in fence restoration and re-construction. Let us make your old gray fence look bronze, brilliant, and brand new for a fraction of the cost to build one from the ground up. We can repair any damaged sections of your fence, clean, and stain it to look brand new. Staining is only $2.50 per linear foot per side, and will add years to the life of your fence. Staining your fence every two years averages $400. Replacing a new fence of the same size can be up to 15 times that much, and will have to be done every 7-10 years if left untreated. The math says, let us stain your fence and keep the water from penetrating and ruining it!

From small decorative fences to tall security fences, Bravo Fencing can handle it. We can compete with the best of them, both on price and quality. Installations range from a standard unstained 6’ fence, to a decorative Japanese horizontal slat fence. Don’t forget we install trellises & living walls as well. Be unique with a wall of color by adding an eastern cedar structure and irrigation to boot for your color to grow out and up!