Tree Trimming

Don’t try to climb your tree with a chainsaw and start hacking away.  Let our experienced tree trimmers do the hard work with their expertise on which branches to trim and which to leave in place.  Trees need special care when trimming from the time of year to the amount of growth that should be cut back. A bad tree trimming job can damage and even kill your tree.

Tree Installation

Adding a tree to any yard brings new energy and a lifetime of enjoyment. We can help you with the proper selection of tree variety and location.  Our experienced crews have the right equipment to correctly install trees large and small – even in difficult locations.  Call us before you decide on the tree variety.  We can make an assessment of the light, space, and obstructions in your yard to ensure the best health for your new landscape addition.

Deep Root Fertilization

Another one of Bravo’s specialty services is the ability to promote advanced tree growth and protection from the tree’s foundation. Our bi-annual deep root fertilizer treatments can increase yearly growth up to 10%, as well as raise the value of your home. It’s proven that homes with established trees sell better, as well as enjoy lower energy bills in the summertime. We can treat for insects, encourage new growth, and provide vital nutrients, all in the same trip.