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Irrigation Backflow Testing Service in Lubbock, TX & Surrounding Areas Including Shallowater & Levelland

We will test the operation of your backflow prevention device to ensure it's working properly.

Your irrigation backflow preventer is crucial in safeguarding your drinking water supply from potential contamination. It is essential to have this device professionally tested every 1-3 years, as mandated by the state of Texas. At Bravo Xteriors, we provide a testing service for backflow prevention devices. Our testing process confirms that your irrigation backflow preventer effectively protects your drinking water from contamination. Should we discover any issues with your backflow prevention device during testing, we are fully equipped to carry out repairs or provide a replacement. Additionally, we offer the convenience of handling the submission of the inspection report to the state on your behalf.

This service is available to residential and commercial property owners, as well as HOAs, in Lubbock, Shallowater, Levelland, TX, and surrounding areas. Call (806) 686-1191 today to schedule our irrigation backflow testing!

What does our irrigation backflow testing process look like?

Red and blue irrigation lines in Lubbock, TX, with backflow preventer.

Your irrigation system relies on one-way valves called backflow preventers to keep contaminated water from re-entering your drinking water supply. However, they must be in good condition at all times to perform their job efficiently. When you hire us, we will thoroughly inspect your backflow preventer to check if it's working correctly. Once we have confirmed that it functions as it should, we will assign it a passing grade. If we find that your backflow preventer isn't preventing the flow of water backward, we will inform you immediately and recommend solutions to repair or replace it.

Your inspection report for your backflow preventer will be submitted to the state.

When you partner with us at Bravo Xteriors, we will not only inspect your backflow preventer but also submit our inspection report to the state. This means that you will have peace of mind knowing that your backflow preventer is fully functioning, securing you against any water contamination issues in your business or household, and you will have fulfilled the required state regulations in Texas.

The frequency of scheduling our irrigation backflow testing service depends on the type of backflow prevention device you have installed. The state of Texas requires inspection for all types of backflow devices. Depending on the type of backflow preventer you have, you might need testing done once a year, once every two years, or once every three years.

We are licensed by the state of Texas to perform our irrigation backflow testing service.

If your backflow prevention device isn't working, we'll provide a quote and make the repairs.

If, during our testing, we find that your backflow prevention device isn't working properly, we'll provide you with a quote for the necessary repairs. Once we receive your approval, we will promptly proceed with the replacement or repair to restore the proper functioning of your backflow prevention device and safeguard your water supply. Our team is equipped to handle repairs for damaged backflow prevention devices, so you can trust that we'll get it up and running again before long.

Call us to schedule our irrigation backflow testing service today!

Protect your drinking water from contamination by scheduling our irrigation backflow testing at Bravo Xteriors! Our skilled technicians will carefully examine your backflow prevention device to ensure it's working properly. We aim to give you peace of mind about the quality and safety of your water supply by thoroughly checking for any potential issues and confirming the system's proper operation.

We offer our irrigation backflow testing service to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Lubbock, Shallowater, Levelland, TX, and nearby areas. Call us at (806) 686-1191 to schedule this service today!

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